The American Adventure 1982

An animatronic Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain take viewers on an exploration of America's rich history in the EPCOT attraction.

Kanni Raasi 1985

Lakshmipathi is a carefree youth who searches a job. He comes to his sister Kasthuri's house, finds a job and fall for Dhanalakshmi, his sister's young daughter. Kasthuri decides to meet some astrologers and they say that if Lakshmipathi marries Dhanalakshmi, he will certainly die. Kasthuri evicts him from her house and Sivaraman, who is also in love with Dhanalakshmi, accommodates him without knowing his identity. Kasthuri convinces her daughter to forget him and later, Dhanalakshmi criticizes Lakshmipathi that he was not a well-educated. What transpires then forms the crux of the story.

The Sweetness of Life

Ana, a 7 year old girl, tries to understand and be a part her grandfathers funeral despite her mothers efforts to keep her away.