Snipers 1986

Dedicated to memory of the Soviet war hero Aliya Maldagulova who died fighting during the Siege of Leningrad.

The Stars Are the Eyes of Warriors 1972

When a warrior dies, a star is born, a company of us die when born to a group of stars. Small children are fascinated by ancient legends and stories of old people, people replace their signature ready to be shot and put yourself in front of the German pipe.

B-25 One Helluva Bomber 1994

A special tribute to the immortal B-25 bomber. Features an assemblage of outstanding aerial footage through air strikes against the Afrika Korps, the Italian campaign, Burma, and the famed Doolittle-Tokyo raid.

They Were Four 1977

Four partisans are tasked with delivering a song to the Congress of Përmet.

A Face of an Angel 1970

Story of 11-year old Tadeuz, a prisoner in a children's concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

The First Night of Freedom 1984

It is the Fall of 1944. Events take place in the newly liberated Berat. A group of partisans are charged with the task of normalizing the life in the liberated city during this first night of freedom.

There Is No Return, Johnny 1970

An American officer and a North Vietnamese prisoner of war are stranded and chained together in the jungle during the Vietnam War.

Babylon 1986

Dark animation examining the thin line between human definitions of war and peace.

Discovering Dominga: A Survivor's Story

Denese Joy Becker, a manicurist living in Iowa, discovers she is indeed Dominga Sic Ruiz, a survivor from a 1982 Guatemalan massacre, when more than 200 people were killed in the small village of Rio Negro, after opposing the construction of a dam, sponsored by World Bank. She then tries to unveil the truth.