Munchers: A Fable 1973

Proto-claymation goes awry with talking teeth and a demonic decay character. Dancing vegetables highlight this great film.

Incubus 1985

A high-rise apartment dweller suffers through a series of nightmares.

Crisis Jung

A tale of broken hearts, bent minds and bashed-out brains in a ravaged, savaged, sexed-up futureworld

Children of Wax 1988

An enchanting tale from Africa about five children made of wax. They are industrious, loving, and they feel no pain. But because they are wax, they can only go outside in the cool of darkness. One child, however, determines to see the world by day.

The Toad Who Visits His In-Laws 1990

Rooted in the oral tale recounted by the Tetela in Sankuru, Democratic Republic of Congo, this story explains how it came to be that the Fox ate the Chicken, the Chicken ate the Termite, the Termite ate the Stick and the Stick ate the Toad, when the Toad arrives at his in-laws’ home and is served a meal with a single spoon, sparking off a terrible row!

Ersatz 1978

An animated Plasticine man enacts favourite scenes from Hollywood classics.

The Mathematician 1977

The salutary tale of a genius mathematician who discovers that mankind is heading for environmental disaster. Ignored by all, he sets out to prove it — however the proof, represented by “a little black box”, is taken up by those previous doubters and exploited.

The Assumption 1993

An animated homage to some surprising lesbian icons. Eve embarks on a journey beyond the garden gates; the Virgin, Venus and Mona Lisa are waiting.