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Nude with Oranges 1994

“Nude with Oranges” is a film set during a civil revolt in the mid-19th century where Caribbean myths affect the lives of two characters – an indigenous man enlisted in the Liberal Army and a mute white woman – who develop a mysterious link while seeking a new life.

A Ship of Oranges 1927

A somewhat historical tale about a famous Japanese businessman who made his fortune by shipping oranges from the farmlands to the capital city of Edo.

Appelsinpiken 2009

The film is based on a 2003 novel by the same name, written by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder. The main character is the young boy Georg who one day finds a long letter from his deceased father. The letter tells, among other things, about the father's youthful love for the mysterious "orange girl" (appelsinpiken), and leaves a mystery for Georg to solve.

Spion van Oranje 2009

The Netherlands are being threatened by a weird terrorist. The only one who can save The Netherlands from this terrorist seems to be Francois. He is a gay couturier who very much looks like the terrorist. They turn out to be twin brothers. Francois takes on the duty to pose as his brother to stop the terrorist activities.

Pablo Francisco: Bits and Pieces 2004

Pablo Francisco adds his brand of comedy to the Ad Lib Breakout Comedy Series with Bits And Pieces, taped in Southern California in early 2004. The DVD, complete with a bonus CD, sends you into the whirlwind comedy of this rising star. The show features explosive material that tears apart everything from love songs and psycho chicks to Viagra and American justice. With his uncanny talent for creating visceral images using strikingly authentic, off-the-wall sound effects, Pablo keeps the laughs coming.

Merry Go Round 1986

Korea is famous for her charming ladies and tough men, such as top Taekwondo fighter, Big Mouth. When playboy Peter Pan comes to Seoul in the pretext of being with a band, he calls his old friend Big Mouth. Big Mouth's advice to Peter is any woman but not from his household. By accident Peter saves Big Mouth's sister, Moon, and becomes enamored by her. The young couple together on a trip. Peter shakes Moon off and goes to Big Mouth boasting about his loves. He is astonished to find Moon who happens to be Big Mouth's sister. All hell breaks out. Moon leaves home for a mountain retreat. Big Mouth and Peter then set out on a journey to win her back.

The Virgin Ghost of Jeruk Purut 2008

Nadya ( Monique Henry ) spotted eagle, his girlfriend was making out with his best friend Wanda ( Ratu Felisha ). Great quarrel between Nadya and the Eagle, causing Nadya must undergo torpor result was thrown from a height of buildings But God still gave him a second chance. Nadya bangkit from torpor. Trying to forget and avoid Eagle and Wanda, Nadya was rented an old house that is 70 years old. And Nadya did not want anyone to know where his new address In fact, Lucky ( Miller ), general manager of the café where Nadya worked today and attentive to her, did not know where to stay Nadya Since living in the house, Nadya find various peculiarities horrible and terrifying. People call it the Ghost of the Virgin Kaffir Lime. Even so, Nadya did not want to move out of the house Until one when, Nadya guided through supernatural powers who the real ghost of the woman's head.